недеља, 16. јун 2013.

Three perfect combinations for summer

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Like we promised!

She is wearing pink shorts and white T-shirt. But without details, it's just boring. So, she put sunglasses and made cool hairstyle. You should do it girls - DETAILS!
She is in black and white dress and black tights. She is saying that if you don't have time to wash your hair, just put sunglasses on it! DONE! Also nothing without bracelets!
3.Katy (me)
I'm wearing a texas shorts and yellow shirt. It's look boring. I put college jacket (terranova), sunglasses, necklace (accessorize) and bracelets. Advice: don't ever put same colours of bracelets and clothes. It will look boring!

Hope you'll like it, leave a comment!
xoxo Katy.


Evo videa. Kao sto smo obecali!
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xoxo Katy.

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